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What is Breast Cancer Statistics, Symptoms & Treatment?

What is Breast Cancer Statistics, Symptoms & Treatment?

Hello how are you I am Jennifer baker I am a breast surgeon at UCLA health care center.  Welcome to with the tittle what is Breast Cancer Statistics, Symptoms & Treatment? And newly diagnosed with breast cancer understanding your diagnosis and treatment I will want to do this information because when a patient in newly diagnosed with breast cancer, there is a lot of information to process, and it is very difficult to understand all of your treatment options in a single visit with your physician, so I want to provide our resources for my patient to read this complete article at anywhere that just review basic. Actually information about breast cancer and an overview of breast cancer treatment.

This article will just go over basic principle, so it will not be personalized to your case. breast cancer treatment plan. However I do feel it is a good tool to gain a better understanding of the disease to become more familiar with your treatment option and ultimately feel more empowered to make the correct treatment decisions that right for you. So we will be sharing all information about breast cancer Statistics, Symptoms & Treatment so if you have any question throughout this article just feel free to comment below and engaged with us we will let you know all about your question. So a couple of key point before we get started, first being that breast cancer is very common, but not all breast cancer is the same. breast cancer causes. So there are three sub types of breast cancer; breast cancer maintenance drugs.

What is Breast Cancer Statistics, Symptoms & Treatment

Estrogen receptor positive, HER2 POSITIVE, AND triple negative. Now these cancers are very similar in that they arise in the breast. However they behave very differently, and thus we treat them differently. So your treatment plan will be personalized and it is very likely that you may know someone else who has been diagnosed with breast cancer you may be familiar with their treatment plan and experience. breast cancer treatment guidelines. However understand that your treatment plan may look very different from theirs and it will be personalized based on the biology of your cancer or the breast cancer that you have, whether spread outside of the breast, and other factors that are specific to your situation. The other thing to keep in mind that most women have excellent long term prognosis, and thus we never want the treatment to be worse than the disease. Today we are doing more and more targeted therapy and that means we use drugs and surgeries that are effective for your specific breast cancer and we are able to avoid medications and surgery that you don’t know need. breast cancer prevention. And finally treating your cancer will take a team of doctors. So often the first doctor you will meet will be a breast surgeon like me. However a medical oncologist will be part of your care, and sometimes a radiation oncologist as well as a plastic surgeon and we will describe their respective roles as we get going. So how common is breast cancer? This is a graph of the breast cancer incidence in the UNITED STATES between 1975 and 2020.

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What is Breast Cancer Statistics, Symptoms & Treatment

There was a huge increase in rates of breast cancer. breast cancer treatment by stage. This corresponds to when we were using routine screening mammogram, so we were detecting more cancers simply. Because we were looking for them, but if you look over the 15 year old, there are been a highly but relatively stable incidence, and we estimate than 1 in 8 women in all over the world will experience a breast cancer diagnosis some point in her life. And in 2020 we are looking the breast cancer are increasing with the figure 2760000 newly breast cancer cases in the USA in women and we will see 27000 new cases in men. Now, despite the high incidence over the same time period we see that the death rates which are related to breast cancer have significantly declined. breast cancer symptoms. We have seen a 40% decreases in mortality until 2020. Detecting cancer at earlier stages as well as more effective treatment strategies so fortunately most breast cancer that we see today is very treatable and if you look at women diagnosed with breast cancer between 2009 to 2018 there was a 90% survival. And if the disease was localized to the breast cancer only, there was a near 99% survival at 5 years.

What is Breast Cancer Statistics, Symptoms & Treatment

Your specific prognosis will depend on again your stage at diagnosis and the biology of your tumor, which we will cover in detail. So what I did get breast cancer? This is a question that everyone wants answered and most of the time; the answer is that we don’t know how exactly why you developed breast cancer. We do know that there are risk factors that increase your chance of getting a breast cancer. One being a family history, especially multiple family members on the same side. We had also identified genetic mutations, so mutation in genes that are passed down from your parents that are significantly. Associated with breast cancer the most common of these are BRCA 1 AND BRCA 2 but this only explain 5% to 10% of the breast cancer cases that we see. We also consider hormone factors and this is total lifetime exposure to that will increase your risk of getting a breast cancer. There are other things that I have listed but still, the number 1 and number 2 risk factor for getting the breast cancer is simply being female and getting older. And 85% of the patients that are diagnosed with breast cancer will have no family history of the breast cancer and no major identifiable risk factor, so while we cannot tell you exactly why your cancer developed. We I think it will be important review the basic principal behind a cancer development and the difference between how a normal cell behaves and how a cancer cell behaves. So The patient that is diagnosed with breast cancer will have no family. History of breast cancer and no major identifiable risk factor so while we cannot explain exactly why your cancer developed. We I think it will be gone.

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What is Breast Cancer Statistics, Symptoms & Treatment in women

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