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Monkey Buffet Festival Celebration In Thailand 2021

Monkey Buffet Festival Celebration In Thailand 2023

Monkey Buffet Festival Celebrated In LOPPURI Thailand. Thailand is a one of the most beautiful and independence small country of the world. Monkey Buffet Festival every year celebrated in Thailand as a annual festival of the nation. Actually the history of Monkey Buffet Festival Celebration held on dated 2007 first time in Thailand and now gradually every year the nation of Thailand make a much more celebrated this festival being a human they server their allies and tourist fresh and expensive fruit and vegetables and also serve the Monkey Buffet with expensive fruit and vegetables to local monkey population a number of different varieties 3000 carb-eating  macaques north province of the Bangkok which is capital of Thailand LOPBURI. This tasty buffet in Thailand is not for the local people. It is not even for honored guests. Actually it is all for the residents macaques.

Thailand’s Eclectic Monkey Buffet Celebration Annual Festival

These monkeys are responsible for a great amount of the areas tourism so these treats are a thank you. There are 3000 monkey in the region. But with over 45000 kilograms of fruit and vegetables, cakes and sweets include. No one goes hungry. This festival takes place every year of the November in LOPPURI Thailand northern area of the BANKOK and has been going for over 30 years. Heard to the phra prang sam yod temple in lopburi north area of the Thailand. If you bring bananas for monkeys.

The Monkey Buffet Festival 2023


So if you want to get a monkey off your back lop buri Thailand is not the place to go every year on the last Sunday in November the library in local hotel sponsors a festival just for the resident macaque monkeys and there are lot of them in the Buddhist tradition the Thailand river the monkey as a hero according to legends the monkey hanuman and his army saved a GODS wife from clutches of a demon we believe that hanuman never died so this is the symbol of prosperity and good luck ever since the monkeys of Thailand are free to roam and don’t to worry about their next meal everyday people from the town bring them food but on the day of the Buffet Festival Celebration near the camere temple.

Monkey Buffet Festival Celebration LOPPURI Thailand 2023

The spread is huge including a colorful display of fruits and goodies for the Monkey Buffet to choose from and indulge even statues of Monkey Buffet get trays of colorful food and a bottle of water. The sponsors of all this monkeys business MR. young mute knows how to make an entrance organizers say the first purpose of the festival is to feed the monkeys the second what are tourist every year a lot of people many people to delivery for the Monkey Buffet party mischievous monkeys get into everything and on anyone. I was kneeling down talking picture of Monkey Buffet and all of a sudden monks wipe my sunglasses off the local have to deal with the problems too. Ladies of all I just chased them away from properties I don’t shoot them I just scare them we believe they belong to the monkey DOG. The main problems is interrupted our properties destroy electric wires and telephones cables they cause problems but the problems are overclocked and the people go out of their way to make sure the revered monkey stay healthy. And well fed so if you visit lop buri be sure to have some extra food with you to share with the primates when people come to visit here you could see the smile on their face and if it is festival celebration time so there is no telling what they will have in store nakia it up bigger than 10 yeah.

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