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How To Get Rid Of oily Skin Permanently At Home

How To Get Rid Of oily Skin Permanently At Home. Hello everyone today we are talking about oily skin and 5 way we can use to control our sebum production so that our face would be less oily. So before I start, what your causes our skin to become oily? Oily skin happens when sebaceous glands on our face over production sebum. This access sebum or over production of sebum is what causes our skin to appear oily.

How To Get Rid Of oily Skin Permanently At Home

What cause over production or sebum?

What cause our sebaceous glands to over production sebum? Actually there are a lot of causes for example genetics, our skin is dehydrated or we use skincare production that is very harsh and drying to our skin. So there is one question how we can control oily skin? First of all don’t over cleanse, over wash and over exfoliate cleanser is important in drawing out impurities from our skin but we should not over cleanse very bed if you over do it. Don’t wash your face 3 to 4 times a day. Because if we cleanse our face 3 to 4 time a day. Our skin can become very dehydrated especially when we use a harsh cleanser that is not suitable with our skin.

Sebaceous glands will produce more sebum to treat our dehydrated skin which is caused by over cleansing. How To Get Rid Of oily Skin Permanently At Home. So then what will be happen? When our sebaceous glands produce more sebum that is what causes our skin to become oily. Secondly hydration is our best friend in healthcare. As you know we already mention above in start article when our skin is dehydrated, which means lack of water in a result our skin produce more sebum to counter this situation. Here we would be like to say properly hydrate and moistures. In simple words that what we have to hydrate and moisturize our skin properly so that sebum will not be over produced there we have deal with many people who prefer to only use cleanser to treat their skin.

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How To Get Rid Of oily Skin Permanently At Home

After we have cleansed our face,  do not forgot to wear hydrating products. Don’t just stop at cleanser see remember follow up with hydrating products such as toner and use moisturizer to lock the hydration. As well as toner, serum, essence and lock hydration with a moisturizer. Simple we have to lock the hydration with a moisturizer to prevent water from drying up on our skin surface through osmosis. People always thinks when they have oily skin, they don’t have to moisturize or hydrate their skin that is wrong because if we have oily skin usually it comes with dehydrated skin as well dehydrated skin is bad news for you, as it can lead to other skin concerns such as acne! Dehydrated means our skin is lacking in water.  So that we have to dehydrate and moisturizes even if we have oily skin. How To Get Rid Of oily Skin Permanently At Home.

5 Way To Get Rid Of oily skin Permanently At Home

Thirdly people with oily skin are usually afraid to use beneficial oils. Don’t be afraid of beneficial oils such as facial oils because they feel if they use them, their skin will become oilier actually there is a lot of oils that are beneficial towards oily skin which can help reduce sebum production on our face. There is one example is double cleansing when we do double cleansing, we use oil cleanser to attract oil on our face. If you want to know more about double cleansing you can see my pervious article there we have explain with sharply and discussed. Apart from that, research has shown that oily skin is usually lacking is linoleic acid according to the skincare consultant the linoleic acid is more important in regulating sebum production on our face. When our face is lacking in linoleic acid, the oils on our face will become thicker. And there would be a risk of getting clogged pores one example of oils that are high in linoleic acid is rosehip oil. You can get rosehip oil at guardian. There are these brands called skin and essano beauty product consultant they have facial oils that contain rosehip oil. If you are feel like using facial oils, but if you have fungal acne, then you have to avoid this kind of oil and if you want to know more about fungal acne may you can visit our other article one this page about fungal acne,

How To Get Rid Of oily Skin Permanently At Home

No 4th use a clay mask

The benefits of clay mask include absorbing oil on your skin face. Using clay mask comes with a lot of benefits one of them is removing excess oil and impurities on your face as well as keeping your pores clean. Clear our clogged pores. They also can absorb shine so they can reduce the shine greasy appearance on your face. Clay mask is categorized as an exfoliate so if we want to use clay mask, we can wear it 2 time a week. Clay mask will dry out our face. So always counter back with hydrating products when we use them. Example of clay mask is free women clay mask and Loreal Clay mask.

No 5th

Use blotting paper for oily skin

How To Get Rid Of oily Skin Permanently At Home

We have to put blotting paper at the end of the list because they are only a temporary measure use the other ways previously mentioned first to treat your hydrating skin cleaner. Actually the blotting paper do not treat our underlying skin concern. Blotting paper only absorb oily on our face to prevent our face from becoming oilier. They are suitable if you have an event coming up. If all of you don’t want to have a greasy appearance on your face you can just wipe it off using blotting paper. An example of blotting paper it the blue clean and clear.

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