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COVID-19 Self-Test kit Rapid Antigen Test Yourself

Many people with COVID-19 have mild, or even no symptoms. But can still spread The virus. With regular self-testing we can slow the spread and help protect the most vulnerable if our families and communities. Please the instruction in your kit before you take the test as they may very slightly depending on the model.

Prepare yourself for the test

COVID-19 Self-Test kit Rapid Antigen Test Yourself

Make sure you have not had anything to eat or drink in the last 30 minutes.

If you have, you should wait until 30 minutes have passed before doing the test.

You are going to swab your throat and your nose.

If you have had a nosebleed within the last 24 hours, swab the other nostril or 24 hours.

If you have a nose piercing swab the other nostril.

If you have a nose piercing on both sides remove the piercing on the side you are going to swab.

Make sure you use a separate test kit for each person.

Use the items in the test kit once only you cannot reuse them.

If there is a reason you cannot take a throat swab, such has you have had a tracheostomy, swab both nostril instead.

Prepare your test Area

COVID-19 Self-Test kit Rapid Antigen Test Yourself

First clear clean and dry a flat surface to place the test kit on.

Wash your hands for 20 seconds, using soap and warm water, or use hand sanitizer.

Now dry your hands.

Your kit should have these 6 items

A swab, inside sealed wrapper.

An extraction tube holder

An extraction tube

An extraction buffer sachet.

The test Strip and A Waste Bag

COVID-19 Self-Test kit Rapid Antigen Test Yourself

If you are doing more than one test, either for yourself or for someone else, ensure you clean the surface and wash or sanitizer your hands between each test. COVID-19 Self-Test kit Rapid Antigen Test Yourself.

How To Do COVID-19 Self-Test Rapid Antigen Test

Set Up The Test

Take the test strip out of its foil pack and place it onto the cleaned flat surface.

Once open start the test within 30 minutes.

Carefully twist or snap open the extraction buffer sachet. Being careful not to spill any of the fluid.

Now open the extraction tube and pour in all the fluid.

Close the extraction tube cap and place the filled tube in the extraction tube holder.

Before you take the sample blow your nose.

Wash and dry your hands again or sanitizer them.

Remove the swab from the packet

Make sure you do not touch the soft part of the swab.

COVID-19 Self-Test kit Rapid Antigen Test Yourself

Best Way Test Yourself At-Home for COVID-19 Rapid Antigen & Antibodies

In 30 Minutes

Take the swab sample

COVID-19 Self-Test kit Rapid Antigen Test Yourself. Most people find this a bit uncomfortable. This is totally normal. If you have had your tonsils removed, do this where your tonsils would have been. It is most important the fabric end of the swab does not touch your teeth, tongue or gums. Holding the swab between your fingers, open your mouth wide and rub the fabric tip over both tonsils or over where your tonsils would have been. If you have had them removed. Do this firmly 4 times on each side. Use a mirror to help you do this correctly. Remove the swab carefully without touching your teeth, tongue or gums. Using the same swab as you did in your mouth. You now need to swab the inside of your nose. If you cannot swab your child’s throat, you can do both tonsils. Making sure you don’t touch any other part of your face insert the same swab inside of your nostril until you feel resistance. This is about an inch in an adult; it will be less in a child. Roll the swab firmly around the inside of the nostril, making 10 complete circles. Remember, it I is really important that the fabric tip does not touch anything apart from the inside of your throat and nose.

Process The Swab Sample

 Pick up the extraction tube, open the lid. And placed the fabric tip of the swab in the tube so that it is in fluid. Press the tip against the edge of the extraction tube with force. While rolling it around the tube for 15 seconds. It is important to mix thoroughly. Pinch the tube as you remove the swab to make sure that all the fluid is removed. Press the nozzle cap tightly on to the extraction tube to avoid and leaks. Gently squeeze the extraction tube to place 2 drops of the fluid on the specimen well marked s on the test strip. Make sure that you are dropping fluid and not and air bubble. Set a timer for 30 minutes. Make sure the test strip is left flat on a clean surface.

Read your result

It is Important to wait 30 minutes before you read your result. You will see one line in the test after 20 or so minutes, but you must wait 30 minutes to find out your proper result. If after 30 minutes you still only have one line next to   ‘c’ so your result is negative. If you have two lines, then your result is positive. If your test result is positive, you and your household must self-isolate following government guidelines. If you don’t have any lines or just one line at the bottom of the display at‘t’ then your test is invalid. After invalid test you must take another test. Make sure you follow the instruction carefully when you take another test. Negative result does not rule out a covid-19 infection, particularly in the early stages of infection. If you have had recent exposure to potentially infected individuals along with any symptoms consistent with covid-19, you should seek medical advice even with a negative test. COVID-19 Self-Test kit Rapid Antigen Test Yourself.

Best Swab covid-19 antibody test kit At Home Easy Result


It is really very important that you report positive results to the NHS. You should also report negative and invalid results. This allows the NHS to monitor the spread of the virus. Support communities across the UK, Combat the virus and save lives. You can also find out more about the result and what you need to do. You can report your result online. Once your test is complete, place all of the used test kit content’s in the waste bag provided and place in your household waste.

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