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What Will Be Petrol Price in Pakistan 1st June In Pakistan
What Will Be Petrol Price in Pakistan 1st June In Pakistan

What Will Be Petrol Price in Pakistan 1st June In Pakistan

What Will Be Petrol Price in Pakistan 1st June In Pakistan With the price increasing of Dollar $ the price of petroleum products also going to increase means Pakistani rupees day by day going to devalue actually the price of petroleum products also increase in the international market there is main reason after covid 19 all over the world poverty gone up especially middle graduated country affected badly. So that the burden of increasing petroleum products price in the world market also affected the economy of Pakistan people. As you know every 15 day $ price increase due to the devalue of Pakistani rupees and the price of products in international market up which burden have to bear low economy and middle economy countries people. What is the present petrol price in Pakistan.

What will Be Diesel Price in Pakistan on 1st June 2022

As we expected the petroleum products price are increasing on 1st June in Pakistan price will be near about 220 after may finish. As you can see the productive volume are showing ¼ strongly straight weekly gain after 15 days $ increased and devalue with the ratio of 6.2% just in this running month of June 2022. Just last week in the international market running smoothly since last year. If you see the sales tax in Pakistan on petroleum in levy on different petroleum products are much below instead of this coming budgeted targets. Oli price also day by day increasing against the Pakistani rupees as well. OGRA has recommended the increase of price petroleum products in Pakistani rupees 6.66 liter HSD price. But the Pakistani republic prime minister has directed to absorb the international price by 1/3% further cut M sales tax from last month to next on word going to increase June 1st.

Pakistan New Govt Raises Petrol And Diesel Price By Rs 30 Per Liter In June 2022

According to the budget in Pakistan finance ministry will collect the 2.6 million revenue which one is more against the budget because of the reduced the sales tax on different product which one is related to the petroleum activities therefore the Government has decided to make increase half price of petroleum product to give the relief their people in order to big relief to the end consumers of Pakistani people and business men keep visiting for more updates of increasing sales tax and recent price of petroleum in the next coming budget. What is the latest petrol price today.

Diesel Price in Pakistan

Recent petrol price in Pakistan and upcoming month will be increased by 1.3% in June months 2022. So the 2022 June will be as follows:


Existing price TT.FJFO1 O2.2022 NEW PRISE SR.EX IN MAY 2022 ICREASE/ (-) DECREASE

MS petrol

147.83 159.68 +13.03

High speed diesel

144.51 145.45


Kerosene (SKO)

166.54 126.56


Light diesel oil 114.54 124.65


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