Jennifer Lynn Lopez Biography, Height, Age, Spouse & Movies

Jennifer Lynn Lopez Biography, Height, Age, Spouse & Movies

Jennifer Lopez is an American actress. Jennifer Lopez full name Jennifer Lynn Lopez but she well known by her nick name J.Lo. Jennifer Lynn Lopez is an beautiful and businessmen women of the world. Her profession actress, singer, dancer, fashion designer, producer and song writer Jennifer Lynn Lopez was born in castle hill, New York, United States of America dated July 24, 1969. Her age in the region of 2020 51 year old. Jennifer Lopez started her carrier as a fly girl best dancer in 1994 on in living color transmission. She continues until decided to choose her carrier.

Celebrities Jennifer Lopez Biography and Life Story

Jennifer Lopez is an American dancer Gorgeous and outgoing, and so talented in so many ways, successful Business woman, the best mother and stepmother, partner, daughter, you are just amazing and we are so proud of you, you are a role model to all the Boricuas, we are so proud of you and you have the kindness heart. Jennifer Lynn Lopez Biography, Height, Age, Spouse & Movies. The BEAUTY we didn’t deserve but served! SO PRETTY. Love her hair. Extraordinary woman and truly beautiful. Jennifer Lynn Lopez has beautiful voice like her speaking voice. Anytime a movie of hers is on I watch. Wish I knew what it was like to live her life for just a little while Beauty with grace and that’s the perfect example for je lo. Love you Jennifer Lopez. Jennifer Lynn Lopez amazing woman who has integrity beauty and brain. You encourage all women to be brave. Strong and Go out to our dreams. I wish I looked as beautiful as you do. I try to feel young. You look so great for 51 we all love you here and most of all we are blessed to watch you in your movies and your music thank you for your love of entertainment. Oh. Also you are an amazing dancer. Thank you for sharing your life with us all.

Celebrities Jennifer Lopez Biography and Life Story

Jennifer Connelly

American actress

 Jennifer Lynn Lopez Children

Emme Maribel Muñiz, Maximilian David Muñiz

Jennifer Lynn Lopez Date Of Birth


Born: July 24, 1969 age 51 years, Castle Hill, New York, United States

Jennifer Lynn Lopez Husband Name

Spouse Marc Anthony

Jennifer Lynn Lopez Total Wealth

Net worth: US $400 million

Jennifer Lynn Lopez Business Partner

 Alex Rodriguez


Jennifer Lopez Nationality


Jennifer Lopez Father Name

Marc AnthonyEmme’s

Jennifer Lopez Height

1.64 m

Jennifer Lopez Instagram

Jennifer Lopez (@jlo)

Jennifer Lopez Latest Movies


Second Act

Maid In Manhattan

The Wedding Planner

Jennifer Lopez Selena

The Boy Next Door

Anaconda 1997

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