Walima Dresses Bridal Photos In Pakistan

Walima Dresses & Photo In Pakistan For Bridal

Awesome Walima Unique Embroidered Dresses Collection 2016

The walima is an important part of an Islamic wedding. It is the Sunnah of our Holy Prophet (PBUH). Today, we shall show you walima dresses 2016-17 designs. These are like bridal dress designs for the wedding however the color is different. Bridal dresses come in different shades of red. Walima dresses 2016-17 are green, blue, light pink or peach. There are a few other colors that are used in walima dresses 2016 designs.

The dresses include lehenga with shirts and heavily embroidery dupatta. The lehenga and shirts also have heavy embroidery. Walima Dresses & Photo In Pakistan .Brides will also need to have matching accessories with the walima dresses 2016 designs. Overall, not much has changed and walima dresses 2016 designs will be similar to those of last year.

Latest Pakistani Walima Dresses Trends For 2016

Walima Dresses & Photo In Pakistan For Bridal

Pakistani Bridal Walima Dresses Collection-2016

Walima is an important function in a Muslim wedding. It is celebrated after the wedding reception. It is a celebration of the wedding. It is a party given by the groom to celebrate the wedding. As it is such an important function, every girl wants to make it unforgettable. Walima Dresses & Photo In Pakistan .Thus, every bride wants to look perfect on that day just as she does on her wedding. That is why so many designers include beautiful and stylish walima dresses in their bridal wear collections. You can see walima dresses being presented at various fashion shows and in different magazines.

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