Veena Malik And Her Husband Signed Divorce

Veena Malik And Her Husband Signed Divorce

Veena Malik is a Pakistani performing craftsman, TV host and model who appears in Lollywood and Bollywood motion pictures. She wedded a specialist Asad Bashir Khan Khattak on 25 December 2013. They have two adolescents named Abram and Amal who are before long in the guardianship of Malik. Veena Malik And Her Husband Signed Divorce

The performing craftsman had reported an application in a family court in Lahore searching for a division from Khattak over threatening differentiations communicating that they can’t live individually. Veena Malik And Her Husband Signed Divorce

 he court controlled to bolster her over non-similarity of the case by her significant other who did not appear in the midst of court strategies. Judge Kaisar Jameel Gujjar had on January 31, 2017 issued the profession for Veena Malik. Veena will moreover have return 25 for every penny of the ‘haq mehr’ (dower money) to Khattak in light of the way that she associated for division. There was a break with her significant other since the past couple of months as she tried to return to showbiz.

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