Luxury Suitcas & Luggage Bags Brand

Super Luxury Suitcases & Luggage Brand

Now the vogue Pair Company is launched the super luxury suitcases from handbags and luggage suitcases for all types o f the people, to totes and clutches for women. The vogue Pair Company is launched by redo is launching its first line of leather goods with a mixed collection made from elastic, natural leather in difference colors that stay true to the brand’s luxury, nomadic essence 2016 for people.

Super Luxury Suitcases & Luggage Brand


By redo and Oliver Peoples joined forces last April for a capsule collection merging fashion and beauty, on the highly original concept of a fragrance and sunglasses set, moved by Los Angeles. Now, the Swedish beauty house founded by Ben Gorham is launching its latest foray into the fashion world with its first leather accessories line, made from natural leather suitcases for the all types of people. Now this company is getting progressing today by their hard work and good production.

Super Luxury Suitcases & Luggage BrandThe stripe of these suitcases bags is very strong and powerful with silver and brass. It was interesting and exciting for me to design this line, as when I first started I knew nothing about leather luxury suitcases goods, similar to what I went through in 2006 with fragrances. the luxury luggage suitcases new brand by vogue pair company.

Super Luxury Suitcases & Luggage Brand

The hand bags by vogue Pair Company is also available and may can buy online. The luggage suitcases are also launched every one can easily see its details from our website .Everyone like the things of vogue Pair Company because the things of vogue pair company is very good and valuable. if any person want to further information about vogue pair luxury suitcases and bags company may he visit our website


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