Sanam Baloch Wedding Pictures & Biography

Sanam Baloch Wedding Pictures & Biography

Sanam Baloch Wedding Pictures & Biography with Her husband

Sanam Baloch was Born on July 14, 1986. Sanam Baloch and Abdullah Farhatullah have turned into one of the most happening couples of the year 2013 and since the day their Nikah has been held, their pictures are ruling the social media in the best possible manner. If u are a Sanam fan and had been following her morning shows lately, you must have noted that this newly-wed bride looks completely amazing with the new change her life has adopted. Sanam Baloch Wedding Pictures & BiographyWe covered the news of her nikah just after it was actually held in Karachi and soon the Mayun pictures appeared on screen, shared the beautiful collection of the eve with our readers.


Sanam Baloch Wedding Pictures & Biography


Here comes even a better treat for readers who were looking forward to the Nikah/wedding photoshoot and biography of sanam baloch. Wearing a beautiful combination of red and white, Sanam Baloch Wedding Pictures & Biographythe actress/host looks completely adorable on the day which for sure is, the most memorable one in her life. Like her previous photoshoot, her family is found enjoying with her, celebrating the night to fullest.

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