Pakistani Cone Kone Henna Designs For Feet

Pakistani Cone Kone Henna Designs For Foot


Mehndi henna is the old name of Mehndi which was used in subcontinent. Henna is not more used now in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh every one used the now the word Mehndi instead of Cone Kone Henna for feets. The use of Mehndi as second name of Henna becomes more conventional in local language in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.Pakistani Cone Kone Henna Designs For Feet

Mehndi is broadly used in Pakistan and In India Cone Kone Henna for feets so Mehndi has become the more demanding product in Pakistan, Indian and Bangladesh. Mehndi is available in the market in two shapes one is the powered shape of Cone Kone Henna mehndi. Powered type mehndi is prepared at home to use. When some wants to use the powered type mehndi he or she prepared it with some water. Water is use the turn the powered in to liquid paste this is also called the home made Cone pakistani Kone Henna  mehndi.

Pakistani Cone Kone Henna Designs For Foot

Simple Mehndi Design

Here is the another simple henna style for feet. This is simple Pakistani flower henna mehndi design at the one side of your feet. You can apply this at home by cone mehndi. This design can be drawn for any function as its is the easy feet mehndi design

latest Cone Kone Henna Mehndi desins of 2016

Mehndi or Heena is very popular among teen girls and mature women especially in Arab, Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh and as well as other Muslim countries of the world. {Fancy Clutches for Girls} The word derived form Sanskrit word mendhika. Mehandi was used in earliest Hinduism and we find it in Hindu ritual book called vedic

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