How To Wear Hijab & Niqab Style In Islam

How To Wear Hijab & Niqab Style In Islam

How To Wear Hijab , Niqab  And Burka Style In Islam

There’s 3 categories of Islamic female head coverings that all other styles fall into. The “hijab” is a simple veil covering the head and shoulders. The “niqab” is the facial veil and is usually accompanied with an ample black dress.How To Wear Hijab & Niqab Style In Islam.The “burka” is the tent-like outfit most typically seen in Afghanistan where even the eyes are covered by a screen. The majority opinion among Muslims world-wide is that the niqab and burka are not required. Many believe it actually has no basis in the scripture at all.How To Wear Hijab & Niqab Style In Islam.However, some stricter sects (notably Wahabists) believe it is required. This is why the niqab/burka is so common in places like Saudi and Afghanistan which are notoriously dominated by stricter sects. I have some friends that wear the niqab out of spiritual choice, and while I disagree with it, I respect their opinion and right to wear it.

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How To Wear Hijab & Niqab Style In Islam

Islam is actually a beautiful deep religion that is not only a set of beliefs but a philosophy and way of life. It preach many values, a big one being diffidence and humility. magnificent one’s belongings, riches and beauty very is considered a sign of weak faith since our life is all about attaining religious, not material realization.How To Wear Hijab & Niqab modren Style In Islam.This is why Islam prescribes a modest attire for both men and women as well as a set of proper conduct in the public area. We consider the body to be a tool for the soul and therefore not the defining trait of a person. Sexuality is one aspect of who we are; an aspect we keep for the private sphere. In public, both sexes are supposed to dress in non-revealing clothes but women also cover their hair, neck and bosom as they’re considered part of our female attraction.How To Wear Hijab & Niqab Style In Islam

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