Gold price exceeds 51 thousand

Gold price exceeds 51 thousand The international bullion tola gold on Monday the price of the gold price in the market $ 11 increase to the level of 1359 dollars per ounce Rs 550 and crossed gold 51 thousand threshold per tola after a long period 10 grams per 471 soared.Gold price exceeds 51 thousand

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As a result, gold tola in the country 51 thousand 500 and 10 grams of 44 thousand 142 rupees was, however, silver prices were down, silver tola 10 bucks down to 710 and 10 grams of 8.56 to 608 Rs 57 money of Rs I, priced at $ 20.44 per ounce of silver record. The gold, which in the United Kingdom to the European Union leave to move certain economic displaced due to the investors are worried about saving the sinking their capital and profits are buying gold for profitable investment prices are being increased.

Gold price exceeds 51 thousand

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