Desire flames Baloch ‘in’ Big Boss’ was incomplete

Desire flames Baloch 'in' Big Boss' was incomplete



Lahore:  Actress glass Baloch wish to participate in the Indian channel popular ‘Big Boss’ was incomplete. Despite efforts over the past several months actress channel management has allowed them to participate in the program.

 Desire flames Baloch 'in' Big Boss' was incomplete


According to the glass Baloch said ‘Big Boss’ was applied to participate, but some time later, his application did not include those in the program is denied saying that to any type of case Done. Keep glass Baloch also organizing social activities for their participation in the program and now even come with video clips Jaan Mufti was also found entry into the program. Badan dream of overnight international market access are hukrrh shattered. About glass Baloch ‘Express’ told the ‘Big Boss’ administration can not attend this program is formally notified because a case is pending before the court. The point of the program the way that artists, athletes, models aursyastdanun kuprugram is part of the leading figures of approval, I jumtnazah. The same Pakistani actress was invited to participate in the program and, Malik

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