Actress Noor Bukhari Files For Divorce From Husband Wali Khan

Noor Bukhari Forth Marriage With A Young Singer But divorce Now

Actress Noor Bukhari files for divorce from husband Wali Khan. This was the 4th marriage of Noor. Its her life she can do whatever she want to do with her life, so what if she files for divorce? Its her right. why do you people care about others life? Stop abusing her, let others live their lifes. Noor Bukhari is a Pakistani performer, chief and model. She has showed up in Urdu and Punjabi Lollywood movies and television commercials. She is the lovely lady of Pakistan. She is celebrated for her part of Rajjo in film Ishq Positive which is coordinated by her. Noor wedded her first spouse Engineer sahib while in Dubai in mid 2008. In April of that year, she moved back to Lahore, Pakistan and petitioned for separation. A celebrated battle between her ex and TV have Nadia Khan was publicized on Geo TV. Noor Bukhari disclosed to Dunya News later that her better half Vikram had deceived her that he had grasped Islam before their marriage. She said when she understood that Vikram was still non-Muslim; she attempted her best to change over him. Be that as it may, he denied and after that she chose to petition for separation from him.

Actress Noor Bukhari Files For Divorce From Husband Wali Khan

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